67218SSI STYX tyre Super Soft + insert (2p) 1/6
Pair of STYX tyre Super Soft with Close Cells insert.
pneu-jante FG STYX tyre Super Soft + insert (2p)
New Offroad big scale tyre designed with 540 spikes and 300 hollow spikes.
This new concept emphasizes the grip, the steering and the durability.

4 compounds introduced :
• SS coumpount to be used from 0° to 15° temperature. Item Nr. 67218SS
• S compound to be used from 0° to 20° temperature. Item Nr. 67218S
• M compound to be used above 20° temperature. Item Nr. 67218M
• H compound for special surfaces, as carpet, astro... Item Nr. 67218H
STYX tyre Soft + insert (2p)
STYX tyre Medium + insert (2p)
STYX tyre Astro + insert (2p)