154100E Sportsline 4WD 530 Electro 1/5
Sportsline 530 Electro chassis on road 1/5. Non RTR version
Brushless engine and controler are not supplied.
This chassis is sold without any body, you must select one body from the rolling list below :
voiture FG Sportsline 4WD 530 Electro
Developing a chassis with highest driving dynamics and best performance was our target here, too. Maximal traction as well as simple handling, best grip in curves, these are the advantages only an all-wheel-driven model can offer.
The 4-wheel transmission is based on a low-wear gear belt and 2 differentials. Fully adjustable front and
rear double wishbone suspensions. Oil-pressure shock absorbers with volume control and external adjusting ring for the initial tension of the spring. All rotating parts on ball bearings.

With this robust, reliable and high-performance chassis equipped with a powerful 4200W brushless motor, with power supplied by 2 battery packs 2S (on special request 2 x 3S possible), you will be able to initiate yourself silently to the pleasure of driving. Recommended batteries : 5000 mAh 40C minimum with hardcase. Plenty options are avaible for the SPORTSLINE cars.

• 4-wheel drive
• Maintenance friendly chassis
• 2 differential gears
• Hardened driving parts
• Completely ball-bearinged
• Adjustable aluminium dampers
• Competition tires
• Low weight

Required items :
• RC System 2.4GHz
• Steering servo 26-28 kg
• Brushless engine 900 - 1300KV
• 150A-160A controller
• LiPo power pack 2s 6000 mAh 60C (x2)
• Double fan for Brushless engine
• LiPo loader
Mega Servo ST2605
980KV Brushless engine
150A Brushless controller
Brushless controller MAX 6