164200ER Sportsline 2WD 510 Electro RTR 1/5
Sportsline 510 Electro chassis on road 1/5. RTR version
1300 kV Brushless engine and 150A controler are included.
This chassis is sold without any body, you must select one body from the rolling list below :
voiture FG Sportsline 2WD 510 Electro RTR
The models are built on a 4mm aluminium chassis with double wishbones front and rear.
All borings are countersunk. Fully adjustable front and rear double wishbone suspensions.
Further equipment points are : differential gear, oil-pressure shock absorbers with volume control and external, adjusting ring for the initial tension of the spring. All rotating parts on ball bearings.
Tires are glued on the rims.

• 2-wheel drive
• Brushless engine 1300KV
• 150A controller
• Maintenance friendly chassis
• 1 differential gear
• Hardened driving parts
• Completely ball-bearinged
• Adjustable aluminium dampers
• Competition tires
• Low weight

Required items :
• LiPo power pack 2s 6000 mAh 60C (x2)
• Double fan for Brushless engine
• LiPo loader
Power-Pack Li-Po 2S 7,4V/6000 mAh 60C
Wizard box Li-Po loader