155180R RTR 4WD 510 chassis + Trophy body clear 1/5
RC onroad car on chassis Sportsline 4WD-510 with clear FG Trophy body.
RTR version, ready to run
voiture FG RTR 4WD 510 chassis + Trophy body clear
Developing a chassis with highest driving dynamics and best performance was our target here, too. Maximal traction as well as simple handling, best grip in curves, these are the advantages only an all-wheel-driven model can offer.
The 4-wheel transmission is based on a low-wear gear belt and 2 differentials. The models are equipped with front disk brakes for an optimal braking power. Fully adjustable front and rear double wishbone suspensions. Further equipment includes central brake with oversized disk, oil-pressure shock absorbers with volume control and external adjusting ring for the initial tension of the spring. All rotating parts on ball bearings.
To run the model you need a 2-stroke petrol-oil mixture. Through the installed pull-start system the engine can be started without any problem. We deliver the models either as RTR version ready to drive with painted or with clear bodyshell completely mounted..
A sticker set with headlights, backlights and writings is enclosed in the delivery. Team decals have to be ordered separately. Further tuning accessories in the accessory pages.

• 4-wheel drive
• Powerful CY engine, 26cc or 27cc.
• Maintenance friendly chassis
• 2 differential gears
• Hardened driving parts
• Completely ball-bearinged
• Adjustable aluminium dampers
• Front wheel disk brakes
• Competition tires
• Ready to use air filter
• Low weight

RTR version includes :
• RC system
• Steering metal gear servo 25kg
• Gaz/Throttle servo 10kg
• Receiver battery + charger

Dimensions :
• Width 392 mm
• Height ca.250 mm
• Wheelbase. 510 mm
• Weight 10,2 kg