09505 Evo 2020.2 1/5
1/5 RC competition car 2wd. Assembled with engine, body, exhaust and tyres.
voiture FG Evo 2020.2
10mm thick aluminium T7075 made chassis, with openings at the front and hatches allowing to modify the placement of balancing weights to adapt the car handlingto the track and driving conditions

• Aluminium T7075 suspensions
• Quick removal of the differential
• Inboard toe-in
• Adjustable flex, toe-in, camber
• Quickly removable high capacity dampers
• New FG brakes with Big Bore piston

New features compared to 2020.1 version :
• New stiffer front and rear gearboxes, with centering posts in the chassis.
• Two mounting positions for the rear stabilizing bar.
• Longer strengthened rear suspension arms.
• Redesigned front upper and lower suspension arms.

Includes :
• Rear differential (2 plates)
• Airbox filter
• Front bumper (plate and foam)
• Front & Rear FG brakes
• Clutch
• Engine G230RC or G240RC
• Light body
• Exhaust
• 2 sets of tyres

Dimensions :
• Length 780mm
• Width 395mm
• Height 850mm
• Wheelbase 530mm
• Weight 10kg