07913 Brushless controller MAX 6
Brushless controller especially designed for 1/5 and 1/6 scale cars.
variateur FG Brushless controller MAX 6
This controller is especially designed for 1/5 and 1/6 scale cars. It features an aluminium heat sink backed by a mini cooling fan which optimize the operating temperature for any motor or power supply used. Power supply by 3 up to 8S Li-Po batteries only. It offers a progressive start, a linear acceleration even if the pilot gives throttle partially or progressively. The controller function parameters can be more easily adjusted using the program card.

ÔÇó Current (constant) : 160A/ Peak : 1050A
ÔÇó Battery : 3-8S Li-Po or 9-24 Ni-Mh
ÔÇó BEC 6-7,4V / 6A
ÔÇó Dimensions : 70x56x46,5mm
ÔÇó Weight : 240gr
ÔÇó Flexible cables with EC8 connectors
ÔÇó Functions : forward, reverse, brake, motor brake
ÔÇó Adjustable brake-> reverse delay
ÔÇó Adjustable braking power
ÔÇó Adjustable cut-off voltage
ÔÇó Selectable motor rotation direction
ÔÇó Selectable acceleration mode

Recommended motor :
ÔÇó 07902 FG Brushless Motor 1300KV (6 S Li-Po)
ÔÇó 07902/01 FG Brushless Motor 980KV (8 S Li-Po)

ÔÇó Compatible with sensorless /sensored brushless motor (only in sensorless mode)
ÔÇó Three operating modes : forward/brake ÔÇô forward/brake/reverse ÔÇô forward/reverse with brake.
ÔÇó Proportional braking with 9 adjustment ranges, and 9 adjustment ranges for the motor brake
ÔÇó Five ÔÇ£Initial AccelerationÔÇØ modes : LOW, MEDIUM, MEDIUM/HIGH, HIGH and VERY HIGH.
ÔÇó Multiple protections : Low voltage cut-off for Li-Po/Ni-MH batteries, heat protection.
ÔÇó Easy programming using the set-up button or the program card (available separately)

Gear ratio (Factory set)
ÔÇó On-Road : 21/44/15
ÔÇó Off-Road : 16/48/14
ÔÇó Monster : 15/48/14
1300KV Brushless motor
980KV Brushless engine
910KV Brushless motor