Upcoming 1/6 Offroad LEO2020 first video
Let's go on the T2M / FG Modellsport facebook to discover the Leo2020's video.
4th upcoming news from Nuremberg 2017
the Fun Cross 4wd is now released in competition version, almost full alloy components !
3d upcoming news from Nuremberg 2017
Let's discover the specific Drift version, based n the 510 4wd chassis, with the magnificent BMW M3 E30 body !
2d upcoming news from Nuremberg 2017
The Sportsline 4wd chassis has a new skin which is named E30, the mythical version of BMW M3 !
1st Upcoming news 2017 : BEETLE PRO
Nuremberg 2017 has revealed a lot of news, the first one concerns the BEETLE PRO based on Fun Cross 4wd chassis.